Meet the team

<h3>Our Team</h3><p>  Electric Daisy Flower Farm team, working to bring you the freshest most fragrant flowers.</p><h3>Fiona Haser Bizony</h3><p>  My name is Fiona Haser Bizony, and I’m the founder of Electric Daisy Flower Farm. I’m an artist and curator, and I’ve spent my life hunting out quirky and enchanting objects. Now that our children have flown the nest and the fridge isn’t quite so greedy, a new chapter has begun. I’ve retrained in horticulture and started growing flowers.</p><h3>Piers Bizony</h3><p>  He’s our secret weapon, our writer, planner and designer. He works tirelessly backstage on all the stuff that needs to happen before we even dig the first sod. He’s going to keep bees on the plot and make the flowery honey of our dreams.</p><h3>Alma Haser</h3><p>  Our talented daughter visits the farm every month to record the seasons. Her fabulous photographs have taken Electric Daisy Flower Farm to another level. She’s given us our distinctive style.</p><h3>Rob Powell</h3><p>  He’s a human dynamo. Point him at a flower bed and off he goes. He’s got such a strong work ethic that it’s sometimes difficult to get him to go home at the end of the day. He loves planting and pruning and working through a list. He keeps us all on track.</p><h3>Jemima Kenchington</h3><p>  She runs all the social media and tells our story. She’s the calm, collected person who liaises with customers and works with our brides.</p>
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The Farm

At Electric Daisy Flower Farm we pride ourselves on our ethical harvests. Our bountiful collection of flowers are grown using sustainable garden practices and are completely chemical free. Air miles are accumulated only by the amazing biodiversity of pollinating insects and wildlife who share the land with us.

Our Flowers

From preparing the flower beds, sowing the seeds and protecting the crops against slugs, to the day when the flowers can be picked is an exciting journey. Nurturing our little babies into bloom is a joy. Each bouquet we make is a mini multi-sensory exhibition, exploding with intensity.We grow a stunning variety of flowers and foliage. Choreographed to bloom throughout the year, our flowers and floral arrangements are produced for people who appreciate nature and relish the bounty of the changing seasons.